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Hinds County candidates await absentee ballot count

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Questions continue to swirl around voter problems in the Hinds County Primary.

Wednesday morning candidates and supporters gathered in the basement of the Hinds County Courthouse to oversee the absentee ballot count, making sure there weren't any issues. 

Hinds Democratic chair Claude McInnis told reporters he hadn't heard about any voting problems.

"I spoke personally with Mr. McInnis this morning and he said we will deal with this later, this conversation never happened," said House of Representatives candidate Gay Polk.

Polk said she's trailing by only 9 votes in her race, and has serious concerns some of her votes weren't lost in the confusion at the polls.

"the machines did not have all the candidates on them, they went to paper ballots," Polk said. "They were passing out paper ballots for the wrong precinct."

Candidates say they had numerous calls, ranging from machines not working to the wrong candidates on ballots. 

Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes won his bid for Hinds County Supervisor, but he has concerns about voting for his constituents, after hearing of widespread problems.

Stokes believes some of the voting issues were intentional, and were used to keep him out of the Supervisors office in the past.

The Election Commission has ten days to certify the results.

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