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Hot Mississippi heat affecting power grids

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As the sun beats down on Mississippi, Mississippians are looking to beat the heat in the comfort of their own home.

Joey Lee, of Entergy says, "What happens when it gets hot. People run their air conditioners."

But for every air conditioner running... It's an additional strain on the power that keeps you cool. Lee says,

"We're having to send a lot more power over the lines, through the transformers, through the sub-stations," Lee said.

With temperatures hitting triple digits many power grids across the state are now being worked to maximum outputs, potentially putting them at risk of failure.

Lee says, "Electricity is naturally hot so add to it the heat and all these moving parts, it does put a stress on our system."

Entergy is  Mississippi's largest power supplier. Lee says so far the company hasn't had any major outages other than a brief one in Ridgeland which he says was due to equipment failure from the heat. During the cooler months lee says preventive measures are taken to get ready for the Mississippi sun through inspections and maintenance.

Lee says, "We know the heat is coming, we know it is because every year, July and August are really hot. It did come a little sooner this year."

To help ease the strain on electricity flowing through the lines lee says keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees will not only help conserve power, but also help to lower your electric bill. Using fans and closing blinds and curtains also help. Lee says,

"Turn your thermostat up a degree or two. We're not saying don't use your air conditioner we're saying for every degree below 78 degrees you're adding about three percent to your electric bill each month, Lee added."

But as sub-stations continue to crank out the power, many folks just continue to crank up the air.

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