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Man alleges beating by Holmes Co. deputy

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PICKENS, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Holmes County man is making allegations that he was the victim of a brutal beating by a deputy.

The Pickens man said he was hospitalized Saturday after an attack by the Holmes County law officer.

But officials with the Holmes County Sheriff's Department said they have no record of the incident.

Detrick Oliver pointed to eight staples in his scalp saying that they were the result of a beating by a Holmes County deputy in the parking lot of the Kangaroo Crossing convenience store in Pickens.

Oliver said early Saturday morning he and two friends were asked by Deputy Kenny Wilson to leave.

The 28 year old said he tried to comply, but his car would not start.

"So he told me that he didn't care how under any kind of circumstances how my car get away from there, but I need to move it," Oliver said. "So I told him I couldn't move it, and by that time I was blocked in by an 18 wheeler."

Oliver said he continued to talk, mentioning his First Amendment Rights and that led to his being maced, handcuffed and beaten.

"Mickey Chisolm had handcuffed one arm and Wilson to the other arm...and that's when he struck me in the top of my head and busted my head, Kenny Wilson, struck me," Oliver said. "So after he struck me, he then turned around and hit me in the knee and busted my knee up."

According to Oliver, Wilson then drove him to Lexington University Hospital and apologized blaming his age and blood pressure for everything escalating.

"The deputy brought charges against him for resisting arrest and disobeying the order of a law officer," said Holmes County Sheriff Willie March. "He never came to file a complaint and has not talked with me about these claims."

March said Deputy Wilson has worked for the department for about 10 years.

Oliver said he can back up his claims.

"On the way to the hospital I told him that everything was on surveillance," Oliver said. "So he tried to call. He said he's not worried about nothing on surveillance there. So he tried to make a call, and the lady that works for the Kangaroo Crossing is his wife's sister."

Store management at the Kangaroo Crossing was not available for comment.

Oliver is in the process of retaining an attorney.

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