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Air conditioners can't take the heat

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The heat goes on.

Excessive heat warnings were in effect in south Mississippi Tuesday.

The National Weather Service says the continued heat wave is responsible for making July the hottest July on record.

The heat is so sweltering that air conditioners are losing their cool.

Extreme heat is taking its toll on people and their means of staying cool inside.

That means increased calls to air conditioning service experts.

A service representative from Dent Heating and Cooling had to respond to a second call to a northeast Jackson home Tuesday.

"It's hot in the house," said Jerry Dowdy. "I came here, and now this is number two in the house."

On Monday one of three units froze up.

Tuesday the second unit stopped cooling.

"They called, and it iced up last night," Dowdy said. "So we are here to find out why it iced up cause it stopped cooling."

Air conditioners can't take the heat.

They've been pretty maxed out, according to Dowdy.

"They've been operating in conditions temperatures more than they are designed to do and in some homes they've been exceeding what they've been designed to do," Dowdy said.

With 100 degree temps outside, you lower the air 20 degrees which only brings it down to 80 inside, still too hot for some folks, Dowdy said. The air conditioners are working overtime.

The best tips: Maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted expenses.

Be sure and check your filters once a month.

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