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Hinds can't prove contract work is being done

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds County cannot prove that a company called Airwave is making good on a maintenance contract.

Last month, we talked to former Hinds EOC Director Larry Fisher about the county's contract with Airwave for communication tower site maintenance. It pays out $122,000 annually. Fisher says the contract is largely for simple tasks like checking fuel levels, changing batteries, and cutting the grass.

But the contract states the routine maintenance is to be done regularly. We asked the county for proof, in the form of receipts or work logs, that the work is being done.

The county's response, from Board Attorney Crystal Martin:

"My office is in receipt of your public records request dated July 29, 2011, for documentation that Airwaves (sp) personnel visited the six tower sites and logged their checks and visits. At this time the County does not possess documentation responsive to your request."

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