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2006 Cold case murder still unsolved

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a cold case murder that has remained unsolved for 5 years.

"It seems like the case went deserted, nobody cared anymore,"said Joyce Taylor.

Taylor is still searching for answers in the murder of her son Calvin Johnson. He was gunned down at the Trustmark on Bailey Avenue in April of 2006. The vehicle that took him to the hospital, shot up again as they pulled into the emergency room parking lot.

Taylor said, "Its real tough, sleepless nights, you're always wondering who did it why, what the purpose was. JPD has not responded back to us or let us know anything about the case we had to go to JPD on evidence I myself gathered regarding my son's death."

Taylor met with Jackson police detectives Thursday and learned two suspects arrested following the murder were let go due to lack of evidence. A red Chevy Tahoe is now said to be the suspect vehicle.

Taylor said, "I am very much convinced that someone in that Tahoe was the murderer and I also told JPD I know two people who followed the Tahoe to the car wash after the shooting, got the tag number and the guys drove off that's how JPD knew the red Tahoe was involved.  They feel like they're at a stand still there's no such thing as a stand still cause somebody seen somebody."

Jackson police told WLBT news Johnson's murder is still an open case. They declined to comment.

Anyone with information on his murder is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-8477. You could receive up to $1,000.00  for any information that leads to an arrest in this case.

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