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Pearl Police may have nabbed a serial killer

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

He claims to be a mobile home salesman in Knoxville, Tennessee.

And on Saturday, after Pearl Police arrested him for driving a stolen vehicle out of Knoxville, Charles Krauss also claimed to be a serial killer.

"Pretty gruesome. Pretty gruesome stuff," said Pearl Police Lieutenant Butch Townsend. He says Krauss spun quite a tale about raping and murdering up to 11 women, but then recanted the whole story.

Saturday, Krauss was pulled over on Pearson Road just South of I-20. At that time he told police he had a confession to make.

"He told us he had killed three in Tulsa, Oklahoma, three in Knoxville Tennessee, one in Perry, Georgia, one in Indianapolis, Indiana, and one in Athens, Georgia," Townsend said.

"In almost all of the stories he related to us, they're all very similar, same M.O. But do these other municipalities have bodies that match up to that modus operandi?"

Knoxville does not have cases with the same M.O. According to WBIR's website, police have confirmed that Krauss' three alleged Knoxville victims are still alive.

That may not be the case in Tulsa.

A prostitute named Nikki has been considered missing from Tulsa for the past few days. Krauss told Pearl Police he met her at a convenience store on August 2nd and had sex with her. Krauss said the next day he ran some errands, caught a movie, pre-dug a shallow grave, then met up with Nikki again and killed her. His description matches hers, but police have not yet found her body.

"We need the thing Krauss can tell us that the police don't already know," Townsend said.

Krauss is being held on $500,000 bond in Pearl. He's charged with receiving stolen goods for driving the vehicle stolen out of Knoxville. He should soon make an appearance before Pearl Judge Richard Redfern.

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