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Jackson teen killed in hit-and-run

Victim's bike was mangled by the impact Victim's bike was mangled by the impact
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson teenager is dead after a fatal hit-and-run late Sunday night.

Tommy Wheaton, Jr., a junior at Jim Hill High School, was killed after a speeding car knocked him off of his bicycle and caused him to fly into the air.

The accident happened in the 200 block of Archer Avenue.

Katie Courtney and her two daughters were filled with shock and disbelief Monday morning.

The family is mourning the loss of one of their closest loved ones.

"He didn't even get to live," his mother says. "His life was just beginning. He was just beginning. My son was just beginning."

On Sunday night around 10:30 P.M., Courtney's son, 17 year-old Tommy Wheaton, Jr., lost his life.

Wheaton was on his bike in a friend's yard when witnesses say the driver of a white Cadillac swerved into the yard, hit him and drove off.

"That was my only son," Courtney says. "I don't have another son. They took him away from me."

Witnesses say the accident happened in Wheaton's best friend's yard, but Wheaton's body was thrown into the air and landed nearly 100 feet away.

Marcus Williams witnessed the incident. 

"That little boy was up there so high it didn't look real," Williams said. "It didn't look real at all."

Williams had known Wheaton since Wheaton was a little boy. He says after the accident, Wheaton's bike was also thrown in the air.

"The car just kept going, because he lost his tire," Williams said. "He lost one of his tires up there, and then he got back in the car."

Members of Wheaton's tight-knit community say drivers speed through their neighborhood regularly.

They've tried numerous times to get speed bumps.

"For our kids' safety, we really want some help," said neighbor Erica Brunson. "Especially with speed bumps throughout this whole neighborhood at least, because there's nothing but kids over here."

Wheaton's mother says Wheaton was an ambitious, hard worker who did what he was told. 

He "did what momma asked him," she said. "Momma asked him to get on JRTC, I looked at his schedule, he did what I asked him -- he got on JRTC."

Officials from the Jackson Police Department spoke with a person of interest Monday morning.

However, no one has been charged yet with the fatal hit and run.

Wheaton's family says Wheaton's funeral service will take place at Westhaven funeral home.

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