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Argument leads to Yazoo Co. fatal wreck

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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A two vehicle wreck in Yazoo County over the weekend left one person dead and another hospitalized.

Now, there are questions whether the accident may have been the result of road rage.

The deadly wreck involved two American muscle cars on Niven Road, just north of Benton.

It was noon Saturday when the Ford Mustangs left the road.

Cynthia Deal, 41 of Yazoo City, was killed when her black Ford Mustang slammed into a tree.

The driver of a blue Mustang also wrecked, the female behind the wheel injured and hospitalized.

"Both vehicles left the scene of the alleged altercation between em, don't know what it was over," Sheriff Tommy Vaughn said. "Both vehicles did leave the roadway the driver of the blue mustang was not seriously injured. Where as the driver of the black mustang lost her life."

Sheriff Vaughn wouldn't confirm if the two Mustang drivers knew each other, but sources tell WLBT News they were actually room mates at one time, and just had a violent confrontation over a pet.

"Until the accident re constructionists get totally through with their work there's a lot of determining factors on what would have caused both vehicles to lose control, my guess would be speed would be involved however some road in the county got weak shoulders," Sheriff Vaughn said.

The Sheriff's Department says the driver of the blue Mustang can't be charged in causing the fatal wreck, because she was in front.

Her name is not being released at this time.

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