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Tenant accuses former candidate of being slum lord

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson woman told WLBT that she and her children are living in unsafe conditions in a rental home that is deteriorating around them.

Surprisingly, she said her landlord was recently on the ballot for a Hinds county post.

Tuesday afternoon Delilah Riley pointed to the floor of her Sears Street home that is caving in between her living room and dining room.

"This right here is one of my main concerns, because I feel they can fall," said Riley who fears her children will be injured.

She can see the ground beneath the house in the widening space.

The mother of two said each passing day the dangers increase and her landlord, former Hinds County Circuit Clerk Candidate Vikki Mumford, has refused to make repairs.

"I let her know about the house and the situation. Well 'I'm busy right now' cause she was campaigning. 'I'm busy, and my handyman he done fell off the ladder and broke his leg.' Ok Miss Mumford. Is it anything you can do? But she's always here on time for her rent," said Riley.

The 27-year-old said she moved in four months ago and lives here with a roommate who has six children.

A shifting foundation beneath the wood frame home seems to affect everything from the floor to the ceiling.

"The electrical problem, it's something in the wall. In the bathroom it just went "ennnk" and it shut the whole side on this side down and I went in there and tried to cut it back on it, and it sparked fire. I told her about that," added the single mother.

"My tenant moved out and she begged me to allow her to move in because she had no place to go with her kids. I told her about the problems, and she said she had friends who would get the repairs done. I was doing her a favor. She has not paid me rent," said property owner Vikki Mumford.

The single mother said she has not paid the $450 monthly rent recently because of the conditions but previously paid to fix the air conditioner and a leaking roof.

While Riley was being interviewed for this story a repairman arrived but refused to be identified or talk on camera.

"This is not a comfortable place for me or my kids," added the Sears Street resident.

Riley told WLBT that after our interview she was told to leave the premises by Thursday because the house is not safe.

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