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Rez water sent south to help with fish kill

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Officials with the Ross Barnett Reservoir are trying to help with a widespread fish-kill miles down the Pearl River.

They have increased the discharge from the reservoir spillway to send more fresh water toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands of fish and mussels have died over a 40-mile stretch of the Pearl River system from Bogalusa, Louisiana, south to the Mississippi Sound.

Environmental officials hope the fresh water from the reservoir will help replenish oxygen and dilute the remaining pollutants downstream.

Officials with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District say the spillway discharge will increase from 200 cubic meters per second to 2,000 -- which, they say, is still a low discharge rate.

They say effects on the lake should be minimal, with boaters seeing a drop of a few inches.

Wednesday Louisiana officials determined the fish-kill was caused by a discharge of contaminated water at the Temple-Inland paper mill in Bogalusa.  The company has shut down to determine why the waste went into the river.

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