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Mississippi scores lowest on ACT

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Eric Clark, Director of Mississippi's Junior College Board, said a low ACT score is one indicator that a student will have to take a remedial class in college.

"It's a drain on taxpayers, but also the students, or parents, are having to pay for those remedial classes which are not counting toward graduating from college," said Clark.

In fact, about one-third of students heading to junior college in Mississippi will have to take such a course, and that carries a $19 million price tag for taxpayers each year.

Clark said the state's ACT averages have not changed much over the last few years. Our average composite score is 18.7, with 100% of our seniors taking the test. Kentucky's is 19.6, and Louisiana's is 20.2. Both of those states also have 100% participation.

The national average composite score is 21.1, that's with 49% participation.

Participation is significant because in states with 100% of students taking the ACT, the score might be pulled down by students who do not care about their score.

A perfect ACT score is 36.

Former Pearl High School student Dale Shepherd took the ACT six times, beginning in 7th grade and ended up with a perfect score in English. This Princeton student will soon travel to Shanghai.

"Probably I would study East Asian studies, China, Japan," said Shepherd of his endeavors at Princeton.

However, last summer he taught an ACT prep course at Pearl High. Students had to pay for it, and he was disappointed to see participation dwindle as the three-week session went on.

Shepherd says students need to change their mindset about education.

"If they come to school with the goal of learning something, applying it to their lives, I think you would see ACT scores go up," said Shepherd.

Shepherd is available for tutoring and test prep. Click this link for more information.  

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