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Choctaw Chief "Miko" Beasley Denson Talks

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Choctaw Chief, "Miko" Beasley Denson says while he is concerned about an FBI investigation, he is cooperating fully and does not know what agents are looking for.

In an exclusive interview he talked with WLBT Thursday about his hope of continuing his work as Chief, and why he believes an attack on him is an attack on the Choctaw Tribe.

This is the first time Choctaw Chief "Miko" Beasley Denson has talked about the FBI raid of casinos the tribe operates in Philadelphia.

"I think they were here for about two and a half days and whatever, whatever they needed we provided that information", said Chief Denson.

Denson says as the investigation continues he is focusing on his re-election.

"Four years is not enough for anybody to accomplish the things they need to accomplish and in four more years I feel like we'll set our track towards gaining more employment for our tribal members", Denson said.

Phyliss Anderson was elected as Chief in July, becoming the first woman to hold the post, the tribal council ordered a new election which is set for September 6th. In addition to Anderson, another woman, Shirley Berg, is running against Denson.

"People are putting all kinds of information that's not true, innuendoes and all the things that's not me but one of the things we must realize is that any attack on me is an attack on the tribe", said Denson.

Denson has faced criticism and accusations about his work as chief. He says he reflects on his childhood. And because of that, he wants to be the leader who brings in jobs, businesses and development. He says if the tribe stays on course the Choctaws will be the 3rd largest employer in Mississippi.

"Things have changed and we the Choctaw have changed as well. There's certain tradition and cultures that have changed somewhat but for me its those things that really makes me who I am. What I am and I don't mind saying it and I like to say is Chahtasia, I am a Choctaw," Denson said.

Denson also says he wants voters to look at his record and not listen to critics.

"I represent the tribe in the best way that I know how and through my leadership with the people I have around me I think we've done a darn good job", said Denson.

The Phyliss Anderson campaign sent WLBT a statement Thursday afternoon responding to an invitation from Denson for a debate. Anderson says in part, " my primary focus is on this campaign and our people. We have voted against his failed leadership twice. The time for debating is over. It is time for us to unite and begin the necessary work of rebuilding.

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