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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Abraham Lincoln Drive Eyesore

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You've owned your home for more than 30 years and now the house next to yours is abandoned and no one is taking care of it.

That's the predicament Marjorie Purnell finds herself in regarding 6328 Abraham Lincoln Drive in the Presidential Hills neighborhood.

Purnell says she is frustrated because her calls to the city have produced no results, so she called 3 On Your Side.

"Well, I call it my private jungle," Purnell said.

It's not what she wants to call 6328 Abraham Lincoln Drive.

The property next door to her has been vacant for more than a year and it looks like that was the last time anyone maintained it.

The lot is so overgrown, you can't even find the house number.

"I've called 311, and I've called 960-1111," Purnell said. "I've called 960-1084 which is the mayor's office. I've been working on this house for over a year and they've cut it once but they have not come back again and my little cats live inside, not my cats, but neighborhood cats live in there and I think it's a hazard to the neighborhood."

WLBT discovered how much of a hazard first hand when a snake crawled over the foot of photographer Jerome DeLoach, while he stood in the yard shooting our interview.

We asked what city officials are telling Marjorie when she calls. 

"That it's on their list and they're checking on it and they're gonna do something but nothing is ever done," Purnell said.

But something is in the works, according to Jackson's Community Improvement Division Manager Claude Smith.

"The status of the case is that we did have a case on it," Smith said. "It has gone before the hearing judge and we're giving the judge this week to render their recommendation and we'll go before the city council for approval."

The owner of the property is listed as Sonja Gilbert of Brandon, one of 94 presented to the hearing judge last week.

Smith says he understands Purnell and other Jackson homeowner's frustrations and sometimes it can take up to a year to get unsightly properties cleaned.

"It's very possible," Smith said. "Some properties might be in litigation or some other things that might throw some technical ties where it can't be done immediately but we ask them to just be patient with us."

Purnell's birthday is Tuesday and her wish was to see the house next door cleaned; unfortunately, she will have to wait a little longer for that present.

Smith says there are other properties on Abraham Lincoln Drive that will also be cleaned up once the process is completed.

We will keep you posted.

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