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Countdown on for Democratic gubernatorial candidates

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The two men in the race for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate canvassed the state Monday in hopes garnering more votes before Election Day.

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree and Clarksdale attorney Bill Luckett are approaching the finish line of the primaries.

One day before the Democratic Primary Runoff the gubernatorial candidates made their final pitches to sway voters.

Dupree hit the airwaves with his message in central Mississippi while Luckett logged miles on the road in north Mississippi.

Dupree, the 57 year old Mayor of Hattiesburg, did well in south Mississippi and hopes his eight previous elections will get him to the Governor's Mansion.

"I think people want to elect somebody that's gonna make a difference in their life," said Johnnie Dupree at his campaign headquarters in Jackson. "Not because of it being an historic event, but because they want to elect someone that they can be proud to call their governor or their mayor or the council member and they can actually change their life in a positive way."

Luckett, a 63 year old attorney and businessman, spent part of Monday at a fish fry in Columbus urging voters to help him create jobs for the state.

"I have a proven record of using my own money, my own risk, my own sweat in creating jobs," said Bill Luckett during a campaign stop at Propst Park in Columbus. "I haven't used other people's resources to do what I've done in Clarksdale and Clarksdale's called the Clarksdale Miracle. Let's make it the Mississippi Miracle."

Both candidates have run a clean race and have focused on education and improving the quality of life in the state.

"I hear from firemen, teachers and state employees that they're tired of their public employee retirement system being meddled with. I hear that constantly," Luckett said. "I hear that they're very glad I'm supporting early childhood education, something Phil Bryant says has not been proven effective."

"If you voted in either primary you can go out and vote tomorrow in that primary," Dupree said. "If you didn't vote at all you can go and vote in either primary. But the significant thing is go vote, don't not go because you didn't go last time or whatever. Be educated and go out and vote."

Each man has pledged to support the other when facing Republican Candidate Phil Bryant in November.

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