Spotlight on Brandon - - Jackson, MS

Spotlight on Brandon

Years ago when my father moved from Jackson to Brandon, it was tough for him exchanging his Hinds County tag for a Rankin County tag.

In those days Rankin County still had the stigma of being...well Rankin County.

How times have changed.

Money magazine this week revealed that Brandon was one of the top 100 most livable cities in America.

Primarily since its low tax on homes.

Our story brought these comments on Facebook:

"Which Brandon are they talking about, anyhow? The old Brandon along Hwy 80, or the reservoir Brandon, which the old Brandon refuses to acknowledge as being a part of them?

I'm telling you, if we have a mind to, we can find a way to divide ourselves over anything."

And there is this one:

"I love Brandon, grew up here, moved back after 14 years being away.

People are not as neighborly as they used to be. :(

But I think that is more a result of social networking sites replacing face-to-face networking.

We have all become more comfortable with chatting online rather than over the fence."

You can comment on this comment by going on Facebook or... just chatting over the fence.

That's my Point of View.

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