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Richland police shoot and kill German Sheperd pet

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RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some Richland residents are outraged over the shooting of their pet German Shepherd.

Several people posted on WLBT's Facebook page, angry about the developments. So we took a closer look. 

The 4-year-old dog named Roscoe was shot once in the face last night by a police officer at a home on Richland East Circle.

According to the owner, Roscoe managed to get out of his fenced enclosure. A neighbor called police saying a vicious dog was on the loose. According to witnesses, five officers responded. Adam Harrison said he was coming out the garage door and saw officers with weapons drawn, as they walked onto the property.

Harrison admits his 95 pound dog responded aggressively.

"I don't blame him for responding the way that he did. If it had just been him to tell me that my dog was out and tried to attack him alone, but there were five officers on the scene. Five cop cars here blocking everything in.  He was obviously scared and the elevation that it reached. It never should have gotten to that point. It should have been one officer possibly animal control to come say hey, your dog is out."

Richland's Police Chief tells us they were justified by shooting Roscoe. Harrison says this was only the second time Roscoe had gotten out of his enclosure in 4 years.

His family is upset that Richland Animal Control showed up after the dog was shot. And that a police officer reportedly told him to drag the dog out from the carport so he could quote "shoot the injured dog again and end it."

Roscoe died at a local Veterinary hospital a short time later. The city of Richland has a vicious dog ordinance.

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