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Chief: Officer shot dog because of serious threat

RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A family pet is dead in Richland after being shot by police. Was it necessary? It depends on whom you ask.

Several people posted on WLBT's Facebook page expressing anger over the shooting death of the german shepard. The 4-year-old dog, named Roscoe, was shot once in the face Wednesday night by a police officer at a house on Richland East Circle.

The dog's owner says Roscoe had managed to get out of a backyard fence. A neighbor called police saying a vicious dog was on the loose.

Adam Harrison said he saw five officers with weapons drawn as they walked onto the property.

Harrison admits his 95-pound dog responded aggressively.

"It escalated way too fast, and it happened the way it did," Harrison told WLBT News. "I don't blame the officer for being scared, but in the same sense, Roscoe was scared, too."

"It's terrible," said Richland Police Chief Russel James. "You never want to have to use your firearm in any way, and certainly you don't want to have to take an animal like that, and it's somebody's pet. But this is a dog that posed a serious threat to the community, and the officer did what he had to do."

Harrison's family is upset that Richland Animal Control officers showed up after the dog was shot. The city of Richland has a vicious-dog ordinance.

Roscoe was taken to a local veterinary hospital where he later died.

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