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Fake products crackdown

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Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood displayed some of the bootleg items seized this year during his press conference Monday. They're top of the line knock-offs sold illegally in our state. Nike, Louis Vuitton purses, even fake contact lenses.

"One particular lady put one in her eye for six hours and wound up with a piece of her retina missing, these are dangerous products," says Hood.

This week, the attorney general's office is launching a new web site called the Mississippi Intellectual Property Crimes Center, aimed at shutting down the sale of these bogus items.

It provides information for consumers on how to spot fake brands, and report where they're being sold to state investigators.

Hood says these products never have the quality of the real products, and actually cost the state thousands every year.

"The impact it hurts our Mississippi retailers out there who are selling legit products, they don't make those sales, secondly we lose, state loses sales tax on these items that are sold, in many of these places, they're not paying sales tax on them," says Hood.

Hood says Mississippi is now the first state with a state-wide web site dedicated to catching peddlers of bogus brands, which has become a $250 billion dollar a year business nationwide.

For more information visit: http://mipcc.ago.state.ms.us/

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