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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Latimer Avenue eyesores

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Monday's taking back our neighborhoods report took us to Latimer Avenue. There are two abandoned houses, 2621 and 2623, choked with weeds and boarded up. A woman who lives in a house nearby called 3 On Your Side for help getting something done about the eyesores.

Lynn Marie King admitted the City of Jackson had asked her to clean up her own property, which she did, that's why she can't understand why city officials aren't doing anything about the two houses, 2621 and 2623 Latimer Avenue, near hers.

King said, "I have not see anybody over there in the last two years."

Asked what kind of problems it is causing, she replied, "Rats, snakes, you name it." 

King said she has called the Mayor's Action Line and Community Improvement Division.

She said, "I called everybody. I called everybody I know. Even the property owner? Yes sir, I've sent letters to them. My friend's offered to buy 'em."

The houses are almost obscured by tall weeds and untrimmed hedges and king says she and her neighbor often have to drive vagrants out of the buildings, which have been boarded up. We checked hinds county tax rolls to see who the houses belong to, but neither was listed.

King said, "We just want to get it cleaned up."

I called Quita Bride, public information officer for the City of Jackson. She said the houses did not show up on Hinds County tax rolls, so a code enforcement officer has been sent to investigate and a case will be started. She also reminds you to call 311 to report nuisance properties. We will keep you posted.

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