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Wednesday's Child - Stephanie

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We continue this week with the second member of a sibling group. 10 year old Stephanie is the emotional member of the family. She shares a foster home with her youngest sister, Mary. Thinking about the possibility of being separated from her sisters brought tears to Stephanie's eyes, but she remains hopeful of finding a forever family.

Stephanie is the family diva. She will pout if she does not get her way and has been known to poke out her bottom lip.

"I like to sing, like to listen to music, and I like to play,"said Stephanie.

Stephanie is excited about this school year and being in 5th grade.

"I love math, and going to school," Stephanie said.

Playing with her dolls is one of her favorite things. But Stephanie says she also has other hobbies.

"I like to comb my dolls' hair, I like to play board games, and I like to play video games," said Stephanie.

Stephanie talked about her sisters, Belinda and Mary and how important it is they find a home together.

"She's nice, and I like her and she's one of my sisters so she has to be there for me and she's there for me sometimes and that's why I like her. And what about your little sister? Well every time something happens to me, she is always supportive of me, and always worries about me when I get hurt," Stephanie said.

When talking about the kind of family the girls want Stephanie began to cry. She says it is hard being separated from her older sisters and she wants a permanent place to call home.

"Do you want to be adopted? Yes mam. Tell me why? Because it will give me a place to stay and I won't have to be moved from place to place," said Stephanie.

The girls have been featured on Wednesday's Child several times, each time hoping they would be adopted. They are more doubtful but still hope there is a family just for them.

To learn more about children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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