Shooting a Burglar and Dealing with Crime - - Jackson, MS

Shooting a Burglar and Dealing with Crime

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A south Jackson burglar got what was coming to him Wednesday.

That's according to nearly everyone who posted comments on our Facebook page.

The 18 year old burglar tried to kick in a door.

When he did, he was on the receiving end of a bullet to the leg.

Most comments on the story felt the homeowner should have used more bullets with a truer aim.

One person wrote that it's going to get worse with the worsening economy.

 Frankly, the economy has little to do with crime.

Crime is an ailment most of us see even in the best of times.

It has a lot to do with would be criminals not having a strong father and mother figure in their lives who try their best to discipline and care for these wayward kids to get them on the right track.

And until that light goes on in all those homes, very little will change.

That's my Point of View.

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