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Students back on schedule at Raymond High School

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

     Parents of some of Raymond high school's brightest students banned together to get their children the education they deserve.

     Moms and dads took the day off to fight for their children. Suzanne Riggins' son is a senior at Raymond high school. He was originally signed up to take online courses for advanced placement chemistry and advanced placement government. However, when school began several weeks ago no online classes were available.

     Parents told WLBT a school official missed the deadline to register students for the online classes. Riggins' son and other students were dropped from their online courses and put into less challenging classes. Riggins and other parents demanded to have their children's online A. P. classes back on their schedules.  

Riggins says, "these students were wanting to learn, there's about twenty students whose schedules were changed so we all came today and met with the principal and supposedly the issue has been resolved so he's back into his A. P. classes and we'll see how it goes."

"It seems like when we got people involved including you all, they were able to get it worked out and we appreciate it," says parent Clois Mclain.

 Raymond high school principal Ben Torrey told WLBT that "the issue is being resolved" and he's "speaking with each parent to get the misunderstanding cleared up."



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