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Persistent water leak annoys Byram resident

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BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Michael Vincent of Byram says he's been looking at a water main spewing water for the past three weeks. It's located on the east side of Terry Road, north of Siwell Road, above a creek.

"It's just annoying. Water just wasted," he says.

Vincent blames the City of Jackson's antiquated infrastructure. But what's more upsetting, he says, is that no one has taken care of it.

He first noticed a leak on July 4. "Told Byram, they told me it's out of their hands. Jackson had to fix it. On (July) 13 they did have a crew out here to fix it," he says. "Three weeks ago this past Saturday, I discovered it leaking again."

"I came out and kicked the grass down. This past week they came out, somebody weed eated," Vincent explains, and he's curious if those who came out to trim the grass simply ignored the leak.

He says he called the City's emergency line right away when he saw the leak had sprung a second time. He has also spoken to a water department employee twice this week, but nothing has been done.

"To me, it seems like the City doesn't care," he says.

3 On Your Side confirmed with the City of Byram that the water main is Jackson's responsibility. Our calls to the City of Jackson had not been answered as of Friday afternoon.

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