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Sullivan's Hollow

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It fell to Lisa Brasher to sort out her mom's effects after her mom passed away. And in an old suitcase she found this. A program for the Mize Watermelon Festival from over 30 years ago. A photograph of her mom's family before her mom was born. And a reprint of a magazine article that was put out by Al's Supermarket in Mize. And although the date on the cover says 1945, Al's didn't open until the late 70's. So either the article is from 1945, or that's when the picture on the front was taken, or both. Lisa's mom was a Sullivan, so she was interested in the article.

Lisa Brasher: I sat down and I read the whole book and it was very interesting to me because 'cause it was talking about the Sullivan's of Sullivan's Hollow back in the 1800s.

Walt: The hollow is still there, of course. And there's still a bunch of Sullivan's living in it. Quick thumbnail of the family, it was started by Tom Sullivan who, according to Lisa's booklet, had two wives who bore 11 children each. And then all 22 of them had large families and by the third generation were marrying cousins and such, because other Sullivan's were pretty much all who lived there.

Some of the old houses still stand. Wild Bill Sullivan's house is still there. Back when I was looking in to the Sullivan Hollow Saga, I found out the same things Lisa had heard from family stories.

Lisa: They were very hard working, church going Baptist and they were also very mean backing the 1800s. There were some shootin's and hangings and stuff back in the 1800s.

Walt: And the article Lisa found back's that up with dates, names and place. Whisky seems to be the difference. When they were good, they were very good. But let some moonshine get lose and someone was going to end up hurt or dead. Now, all Sullivan's weren't that way. The article describes a "Preachin', Teachin'" branch of the family, too. And then there were a bunch of what they call "regular" Sullivan's. Lisa's family seems to have been regular.

Lisa: They were, you know, pretty laid back and church going people and that kind of thing.

Walt: Lisa says she plans on keeping the original article and making copies for anyone in the family who wants one. That would be several thousand copies by now. There's that many Sullivan's. So ain't the rest of us glad they stopped feuding. They outnumber us, now!

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