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Flooding wide spread in Madison and Rankin Counties

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The storm dumped up to 10 inches of rain in central Mississippi before it weakened and moved to the northeast. It covered highway 469 in Florence and caused the road to be closed completely for a time.

Water went into a nearby home and a church. This flooding was just east of the intersection of U. S. Highway 49 and Mississippi 469. It went down later in the morning allowing cars to go through it with no problem.

Just south of this area another church got water in it and the Sims Self Storage facility was surrounded by water.

Keith Sims, the owner of the storage buildings, said there was so much water it was causing smaller creeks to flow backward.

"The water is coming from the south of us right now" said Sims. "The creeks are running backwards. And ah watching the storage buildings right now, looks like it's still coming up a little bit, we still lack about five or six inches before we get water in the buildings."

Further south from Jackson, the emergency spillway at Plantation Shores Lake, was automatically put into operation.

Earlier, before day break some 50 residents of the Jones Cabins in Madison County were forced to evacuate. There were not enough rescue boats to get them out initially and officers were on the radio asking for as many boats as they could get.

One resident told us the water came up in a matter of ten minutes.

"It setting on the ground as it is, the water was this deep on the ground so you could see the carpet floating up on the ground" said the resident.

the evacuation at the Jones Cabins, which are resort like cabins people live in year round, was so sudden all people had time to gather was their pets as they jumped in boats.

"We are getting anywhere between half an inch to three quarters of an inch per hour here" said Madison County EOC Director Butch Hammack. "Water is steady rising, we have evacuated about 50 people and anticipate evacuating more before the night is over with."

There were no injuries reported in connection with the storm. Those evacuated were taken to the First Baptist Church of Ridgeland.

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