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Flowood apartments flood

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Flowood residents were cleaning up a mess after flood waters seeped into vehicles and apartments overnight Sunday.  Some first floor units had to be evacuated at Laurel Park apartments in the 4700 block of Lakeland Drive.  Laurel Park Apartment residents knew Tropical Storm Lee would bring heavy downpours, but they never expected this.

"It was like a swimming pool out here. It was terrible," said Betty Mier who has lived at her apartment for three years.

In 24 hours, the National Weather Service reported Flowood received 9.69 inches of rain.

"I woke up to a lot of people screaming out here, obviously. I mean there was water everywhere," said Corey Williams.

He snapped a few pictures from his second floor apartment featuring his car submerged in the flood water.

"The back seat is flooded," said Williams. "When I opened the door water rushed out."

Dozens of vehicles were stranded in the apartment parking lot, soaked and unable to start. Those who did wake up in time to move out had to brave high water.

"I got in the truck and started going in the street and it was more deeper over there in the center area.  I just had to make myself drive through, but it was scary.  It came up to the windows," said Linda Williams.

Flood water seeped into first floor units. Much of Monday was spent cleaning up, throwing away damaged items and getting rid of all the dirty water.

"In the apartment, it is just wet in the carpet," said Rene Moya. "We are trying to take out water with the wet vac."

Lee brought record flooding these families hope to never experience again.

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