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Recovery Sunshine Today

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Lee is no longer a direct threat and leaves the clean up of flooding in his wake. We now get a chance to enjoy 'recovery sunshine' for the next few days in a row. A chilly start in the upper 50s with clear skies is how Tuesday began. Expect highs to climb to the mid 70s.

Tonight's clear skies will come with the compliment of fall like conditions coming on strong. Temps will drop to the lower 50s to upper 40s in some areas. This will create a 'stiff chill' in the air for tonight and tomorrow morning.

However, we'll thaw out just fine with temps bouncing back to the mid 80s by the week's end.

No rain is expected for the next 5-7 days in a row. A few clouds may mix in occasionally, but no real threat of shower or t-storms.


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