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State agencies still working after storm

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The wind and rain may be gone but the soaking left behind by Tropical Storm Lee has several state agencies still hard at work.

"This had so much rain in a short period of time," said MDOT assistant chief engineer Mark McConnell.

During its three day journey across Mississippi, Lee dumped six to eight inches of rain in the Northern part of the state, just more than ten inches in the central part and 15 inches or more along the Gulf Cost. If you ask Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Womack, it's enough rain to cause plenty of problems.

"Anytime you get ten inches in 12 hours, 24 hours, you're going to have the possibility of flash flooding," said Womack.

That was the case in many areas and Womack says the response from state agencies helped Mississippi as the water came up. Now, those same agencies are back at work dealing with the damage left behind.

"For the most part, south Mississippi and central Mississippi, the water has already receded or will recede so it's not going to be a long term event like we saw with the Mississippi River flooding," said Womack.

So far, Womack says a few hundred homes across the state have flooding damage and when it comes to the roadways, McConnell says crews haven't stopped working since the storm began.

"It's kind of just been a react type situation because you never know where the water is going to come up," said McConnell. "Since the water has gone down, we have had some slide problems, some shoulders have washed."

Both Womack and McConnell say a major challenge was and will continue to be keeping drivers out of flowing waters and considering what could have happened, both say the state faired pretty well overall.

"Let's not let our guards down, this was the first one and we could get one or two more," said Womack.

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