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Wednesday's Child Success Story-Copiah County

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Mass adoptions are held throughout the state to speed up the legal process of placing children in permanent homes. There are currently 3700 children in foster care in Mississippi. The rights of parents for 555 children have been severed making them free for adoption. 406 children are in placements, 149 are still waiting for their forever family. We have a Wednesday's Child success story from a mass adoption in Copiah County.

In February,  9 children were placed in permanent homes in Copiah County. But on this mass adoption day families are waiting to make it legal and official for 15 children. George Laird and his wife are here with their son Dakota.

"We've been wanting to have children ourselves and we haven't been able to do that and we decided there were children that needed help here in Mississippi so we decided to go to foster care," said Laird.

They have already seen big changes in Dakota since they brought him into their home.

"When we first got him he wasn't able to talk plain or anything like that and he was not very, he didn't have much weight on his bones. He had some problems before we got him, but now he's gained about 20 something pounds, and he's just talking up a storm and doing great in school this year," Laird said.

Some families adopted sibling groups, like the Smiths. They are adopting 3 boys. One of them has been in their home since birth.

"The other two came 3 years ago and it didn't take long for them to grow on me so I decided I wanted about 10 of them but my wife said that those 3 gonna have to do," said Leartice Smith, Jr.

Miracle's mother lost custody of her 5 years ago. After spending time in foster care she moved in with her aunt who is now her adoptive mother.

"I'm thankful for the Lord putting me up in her household," said Miracle.

"It transitions them from foster care which is temporary to a permanent home of adoption", said Dorothy Jacobs, Regional Adoption Supervisor for the Department of Human Services.

Cassie Beaver has adopted two children. She says these children deserve nurturing, devoted, stable environments.

"They need love, they need someone to take care of them, teach them, show them the right way," Beaver said.

To learn more about children who need homes, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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