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Residents of flooded apartment complain of no assistance

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Monday's torrential rains caused flash flooding that damaged vehicles and lower level units at Camelot Apartments.

Those living in the Robinson Road complex said they are getting no help with their losses or any place to live.

Around two o'clock in the morning pounding rain caused the parking lot and some units of Camelot Apartments to fill with water.

Jackson crews rescued more than 100 residents.

Tenants said flood waters entered their homes and overtook their vehicles because of clogged and blocked drains and sewers.

Anthony Robinson said he received an eviction notice Wednesday after not paying his rent Monday when his bottom apartment flooded.

But he said management is not trying to help tenants.

"They want to put us out and that's not fair, talking about a three day process, and it's not right because my apartment is not done. All they did was pull up the carpet and they didn't provide us no where to stay for tonight or tomorrow until they get it done. And I don't think that's fair," said Robinson.

According to residents, up to 50 vehicles were under water.

Glenn White said his Chevrolet Lumina was destroyed and his insurance won't cover the damage.

"By the time I got to my car and opened my door, water was already in there, covered up my seats. I couldn't get nothing. I mean my phone charger, my cd player and everything were messed up and just floating on top of the water," said White.

Tenants  complained that there have been previous floods and existing problems that management won't address from leaks, mold and faulty appliances to dry rotted balconies and stairs.

Megan Ward told WLBT that she moved into the apartment four months.

The mother of two said she paid her deposit and entered the unit to find the stove and refrigerator were not installed.

"It doesn't say anything about it's a flooding zone in the lease or anything like that. I mean you know she's trying to say that she's not responsible for anything. She's only putting in new carpet in the apartments and she's not trying to reimburse people," said Ward.

Mattresses and ruined household items were piled around dumpsters and in front of some units.

Many lost belongings and said they have nowhere to turn for assistance.

Camelot management declined to comment and would not allow WLBT on the property.

Jackson City officials said residents who sustained damage can obtain claims forms, and the city will investigate and determine if they are eligible.

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