Pearl River will crest at Jackson lower than expected - - Jackson, MS

Pearl River will crest at Jackson lower than expected

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The Pearl River at Jackson is expected to crest at some point today at 32 feet. Officials say this is 4 feet above the flood stage gauge, and for the most part, this is 2 feet below what they were calling for earlier.

The inflow into the Barnett Reservoir is lower than originally anticipated because the water is being absorbed faster due to the drought this area has been experiencing.

That means less water will have to be let out of the res through the it's spillway than was originally believed.

Despite, the reservoir telling the city of Jackson only Wednesday that an increase in the outflow would be necessary, the National Weather Service now believes the crest will come later today.

"We anticipate a crest on the Pearl River of 32 feet around 6 PM" said National Weather Service Meteorologist Marty Pope. "That's a product of the reservoir being able to cut back their inflow, because they have been pro active, on releasing ahead of the projected inflow to the reservoir, so we are gonna actually to crest about a day earlier than anticipated earlier, and about a half a foot less."

No flooding of streets, roads or homes is expected in the Jackson area.

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