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The weekend forecast and Nate

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We'll continue to see pleasant temperatures across our area for the next several days, especially at night.

Lows will drop to the lower and middle 50s tonight and Friday night. Highs will reach the lower 80s on Friday afternoon, with mid 80s forecast for the weekend.

Our forecast is dry for the weekend, but I won't rule out some showers north of Highway 82.

Nate is almost a hurricane. It is sitting over very warm water, so Nate should be a hurricane on Friday.

The forecast on where Nate goes is still not etched in stone. The winds that steer Nate are very light, so it will likely remain over the southern Gulf of Mexico and Bay of Campeche for several days. Some model data suggests that Nate will eventually end up in Mexico, while other data brings it closer to our coast over the next five to seven days.

The bottom line is Nate is not an immediate threat to our weather, so if you plans on the coast this weekend, don't cancel them due to Nate. We'll certainly be watching Nate closely though.

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