Jobless Mississippians are looking for help - - Jackson, MS

Jobless Mississippians are looking for help

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

President Obama sent his $447 billion dollar job growth package to Congress Monday. And, he is urging Republicans to put politics aside and pass it.

This as jobless Mississippians watch and wait to be hired.

The president was joined in the White House Rose Garden by a group of teachers, police officers construction workers and small business owners. And, he didn't mince words. President Obama says everyone would benefit directly from the $447 billion dollar jobs act.

"This is a bill that will put people back to work all across the country. This is the bill that will help our economy at a moment of national crisis. This is a bill that is based on ideas from both Democrats and Republicans. This is the bill that congress needs to pass. No games. No politics. No delays," said the president.

Meanwhile, some out of work Mississippians are hoping the president's jobs bill not only spark the economy but pay off in job security for them.

The WIN Jobs Center in Jackson was filled this morning with job seekers. Out- of- work Mississippians waited in line for a chance to get online in the computer resource area.

Laronda Thrasher has three children and has been taking care of her sick mother for a year. She is having a tough time making ends meet and supports the president. 

Thrasher said, "I mean whatever he can do that assists. I'm behind him 100%."

Laronda hopes congress will jump start the president's job proposal.

Dwartha Allen is a business major and has been out of a job for one year.

"More money for the economy cause right now its at a standstill. So I think that's a good thing. You're a business major, how tough is it out there? it's real tough," said Allen.

More than half of the plan is comprised of tax cuts for working Americans and small businesses, and it also includes money for infrastructure.

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