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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Cleaning the Queens

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents of a West Jackson community are fed up with the continual deterioration of their neighborhood.  They called a host of city and county officials to the Triumph Village Church on Queen Mary Lane to see first hand the blight folks who live in the Queens-Magnolia Terrace community face each day.

Frustrated with inaction on the part of officials, they also called 3 On Your Side to help them take back their neighborhood.

Johnny Gilmore says he is a taxpaying citizen of Jackson who does his part to keep his property up to standard, but he says the value is rapidly going down because of blight like this abandoned, burned out, overgrown house next door.

Gilmore says, "Politicians are aware of it, they've been out here, they've seen it. We've taken to various houses that you've seen today."

On Monday evening, Gilmore and other members of the Queens/Magnolia Terrace Neighborhood Association took those politicians to task and challenged them to fulfill campaign promises and do something about the problem.

Michael Starks told the crowd,"But I want them to know we're taking a stand. We want to live just like they do in north Jackson."

Ward 4 Jackson City Councilman Chokwe Lumumba said, "I just wanna say I appreciate the kind of turnout that brother Starks was able to get at this meeting."

Michael Starks is president of the Queens/Magnolia Terrace Neighborhood Association.

He said, "If you own property on the Queens/Magnolia Terrace, you're on call. We want you to know, you're on notice, that we will be coming, sending you a letter, writing you a letter, knocking on your door and make sure that you clean your property up, bring up to standard just like everyone else in the neighborhood."

Among the dignitaries on hand for this neighborhood association meeting was newly elected Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis who had this pledge to the residents of this community.

Lewis said, "You had every entity from the city to the county here. There's no reason why they can't get the relief and the help that they need and I promise as your next sheriff, that they're gonna get that and we're gonna have a good working relationship and you're gonna see that partnership develop to where we can get the relief that they need."

I will check back with Michael Starks and the Queens-Magnolia Terrace Neighborhood Association to see if there has been any progress in taking back their neighborhood.

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