Sound Off: Choctaw Chief - - Jackson, MS

Sound Off: Choctaw Chief

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians elected Phyllis Anderson their new chief. Anderson defeated Beasley Denson for a second time in a special election after she had already won in the regular election. The change in leadership occurs at a very controversial time in the tribe's history.

In July Forty FBI agents raided the Choctaw owned casinos; shortly thereafter Moody's downgraded the tribes $200,000,000 in securities to junk bond status, a questionable advertising contract was exposed and then Price Waterhouse and Cooper quit as their outside auditor. The Choctaw Indian's casinos had been heralded as bringing prosperity where poverty had been a way of life.

Indian reservations have their own independent governments because our government took their land. Their government has the responsibility to make sure that the millions of dollars passing through the casino operations are not lining the pockets of a chosen few and betraying their own people. There is no question that the United States government oppressed the Choctaws, let's hope that their own government is not the oppressor now.

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