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Subcontractor wants payment for work on Jackson school

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A subcontractor on a new school being built in Jackson says she has not been paid for work done on Blackburn Middle School for the past three months. She says she is being told, by companies she works for, the school system is not paying them because they have run out of bond money. 

The beautiful, new Blackburn Middle School is being built adjacent to the Jackson State University campus.  It is being constructed just to the west of the old school it will replace. 

Adrienne Hamby, president of Alliance Insulation in Byram called 3 On Your Side and told us she can't get her money for work her company has done at Blackburn. She works for Ivy Mechanical out of Ridgeland, which works for Johnson Constructon Company, the overall contractor from Rankin County.  

Hamby is determined to get her money. "We should get paid, we will get paid, I will see that we get paid one way or another." 

Johnson Construction says they were last paid in June. Ivy Mechanical says it has not been paid for July and August. 

Hamby says the answer to the problem of subcontractors not being paid is for the legislature to pass some new laws. 

"We need prompt pay and the legislature needs to get up and do something," said Hamby. 

Dr. Jayne Sargent, acting superintendent of Jackson Public Schools talked with us late Tuesday afternoon. 

"The school system has ample money to pay all the contracts that are withstanding to complete all of the bond issue projects. ‘So you know the general contractor, Johnson Construction, was paid in August?'  August 2011, from what I am told by the business office." 

According to Sargent, subcontractors should look to Johnson Construction for payment. 

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