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Wednesday's Child- Mary

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She is the last member of a sibling group of four girls but 9 year old Mary is a source of strength for her big sisters. She is hoping finally after being featured 3 different times on Wednesday's Child they will find their forever family.

Mary is quick to smile. She is very loving and kind and enjoys a good joke.

"I don't know how I would describe myself. You're kind of quiet. In school or when nobody's bothering me. But you like to skate.. What else do you like to do? Run. Run? What else? And draw," said Mary.

Mary is 4th grade this year. She is an honor roll student.

"I like to learn and I like math," Mary said.

When her sister Belinda was reluctant to skate, Mary was there to lend a hand. She also hugged and consoled her sister Stephanie.

"Like when I like can't solve something, like Stephanie tries to help me and my other sisters do that too," said Mary.

Mary has a collection of dolls. She says she enjoys playing with them.

"I haven't named them yet. You haven't named them? Nods no. Do you like to comb their hair like your big sister? I like playing with them," Mary said.

Mary wants to be in a home with her sisters. She is also hoping to find a family with pets.

"A family that is like they help you when you're down or have a problem and a family that takes me places," said Mary.

Mary is in a foster home with Stephanie but is separated from her two older sisters Belinda and Caroline. Mary is hoping they will finally get the chance to be a family, under one roof with their own parent or parents.

To learn more about adoption, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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