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A Closed Door to Open Government

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"While most other counties have recognized the people's money is the people's business, Hinds County has so far said what we do with your money is none of your business," Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy

"As the Auditor it raises some real questions from an investigative standpoint of what is it that they're trying to hide," Stacey Pickering, State Auditor

Why are we not surprised?

For years Hinds County has been notorious for trying to hide their questionable spending habits, their redistricting maneuvers, their callous disregard for open government.

The non-profit Mississippi Center For Public Policy was turned down by Hinds when asked for their spending records.

Several other counties mainly in the northern part of the state tried but had technical problems.

I can tell you this.

Hinds County would rather shoot itself in the foot than to let taxpayers in on their closed little world.

After this became public, Hinds County now says they will comply after they get their attorney to try to negotiate.

How pathetic.

That's my point of view.

"Transparency and sunshine is the best thing in the world to prevent corruption, the crony system and the good ole boy system." Stacey Pickering, State Auditor

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