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Public Service Commission sues EPA

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Public Service Commission will be suing the Environment Protection Agency over recent regulations being passed down to states across the country.

The three member commission voted unanimously Thursday morning to take legal action against the organization saying new requirements will become a financial burden on Mississippi ratepayers.

The EPA is requiring Mississippi utility companies to limit their nitric oxide emissions by May of next year by upgrading equipment, purchasing credits or shutting down electric generating plants completely.

Commissioners say that will become an undue cost on Mississippians.

"The central part of this is it's going to take more money out of consumers pockets and send it for environment regulations which we feel are out of line and hurt consumers in Mississippi," said Commissioner Brandon Presley.

"We don't have a seat at the table, the average Mississippian does not have a seat at the table, so we are the voice for the average Mississippian and at the end of the day these environmental regulations that they're going to try and impose on us are going to cost ratepayers money and we can't allow that," said Commissioner Leonard Bentz.

The commission plans to have a suit in place by no later than October seventh.

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