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Pearl flooding causes headaches

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A Pearl woman says she just wants back in her home. For the last 11 days she has sought refuge elsewhere. All because her home has been flooded not once but multiple times.

Pearl Mayor Brad Rogers said Friday the city is doing what it can to provide flood relief. He also told us Pearl recorded over 11 inches of rain during the recent downpour.  Mayor Rogers said the city is consulting with public works engineers and the county on drainage issues to eliminate flood problems.

Carrie Clay showed us the water line on a building in her back yard. "That's like 10 inches. It is, I've measure it." The ankle deep water is blamed on a clogged up drain ditch that persistently backs up. "This will get completely flooded and it will flood all the way into this yard.

A recent downpour had water pouring into house. This is cell phone audio taken by Carrie. "Third bedroom. This is a little ridiculous. Nobody should have to live like this." Now all of Carrie's belongings are piled up in the garage and inside the house. 10 air blowers keep air circulating. Her home on Marilyn Drive in Pearl has been flooded 4 times. 

The ankle deep water is blamed on a clogged up drain ditch that persistently backs up. Now all of Carrie's belongings are pilled up in the garage and inside the house. 10 air blowers keep air circulating. her home has been flooded 4 times. "That must be frustrating. It is when you get two inches of water coming through your house, through you back door and then it's coming up underneath the house."

 Carrie a single woman on a limited income has had enough. Due to previous damages, her homeowners insurance was dropped. She claims the house is not livable and is looking to the city for relief after filing a claim for damages. "What does the city tell you? They know that we flood,"she shrugged.

 Mayor Brad Rogers tells us, he can't just cut her a check. That the city's municipal liability company is reviewing the claim. The Mayor acknowledges flooding problems in the area and told us, upgraded drainage improvements are continually underway. The final phase is soon to be in the works for Carrie's neighborhood. 

This is a copy of Carrie's letter to the Mayor dated September 13, 2011. 

Dear Mr. Rogers,                                                                                  

I have been all but very patient in waiting for your insurance adjusters to give me a claim number so that I can give it to ASE Extractors to go in and rip my carpet out and dry my house.After the speaking with your insurance company, I was told that the adjuster had made her findings and that it had been turned in, and that she couldn't divulge any info until you had spoke with her manager. 

Just so you know, I have been out of my house now for 9 days. The carpet is now ruined in my house. Granted there are air movers in there blowing air around, there is still going to be a possibility of mold growing in my house. To which I am allergic to mold.

Again and I stress, I have been more than patient with this. If I do not hear anything by the end of today, I will be forced to speak with a lawyer and possibly retain one to get this matter taken care of. Because, yet again, it is NOT my fault that I flooded.  I have done some research and found out that the water flowing in that drainage ditch comes down and then has to flow upwards to get to the box drain, you might want to check your elevations in that area too. Just so you know, my carpet and padding will have to be replaced. Also there is a possibility that some sheet rock will have to be replaced.

 All I want to do is to be able to go back to my home and resume  my life. I am paying for a home that I cannot live in, and that isn't fair. So please, I am begging you, lets get something done about this.

 Thank You.

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