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Walt's Look Around: All Buttoned Up

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One bedroom of Dolly Bond's home has all the walls covered with Dolly's creations, abstracts, angels, Christmas scenes, even models of quilt patterns. All made from……buttons, thousands and thousands of buttons. Regular buttons, fancy buttons, plain buttons, round and square and other shapes, opaque and transparent.

Dolly Bond: I have some here that are very old and I have some up here that are made out of seashells. And I have some made out of rubber and I have some right here that's made out of celluloid.

Walt: Dolly Bond says here interest in buttons goes way back to her childhood.

Walt: There's…they're made out of so many different things. The different colors, the shapes, the designs of them. It's just, it's better collecting buttons than anything I can ever think of.

Walt: And although there are more buttons than can be counted in the Bond home, and it has been that way all of their harried life, Dolly's husband of 50 years, Avon, has no problems with his wife's hobby.

Avon Bond: Well, if she enjoys it, suits me fine. Cause she don't say nothing 'bout what I do.

Walt: And there is a little bit of the secret of making a marriage last 50 years tucked away in that observation. But for decades, Dolly just collected and stashed away her buttons. But it's just been over the last several years that she's started arraigning her buttons into the patterns and pictures and hanging them on the walls.

Dolly: I'm up a lot of nights and can't sleep so I just sit there and I just start fooling with the buttons and something will come to me and I'll do it.

Walt: Dolly has never met a button that she didn't like.

Dolly: I like all of them. I like the buttons that's got the carvings in them and design and depth to them, you know. Rather than just the plain, and the colored ones. Oh, I could just go on all day with buttons.

Walt: And her husband is glad she does.

Avon: I'm proud she enjoys it and it occupies her mind and keeps her from growling at me.

Walt: There-by keeping that half-century marriage buttoned up tight.

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