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Jackson area kids gain big results over the summer

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

      Thirty Jackson area children eager to loose weight and get healthy started "The Youngest Loser" fitness program three months ago. On Saturday the program wrapped up. While participants lost a lot of weight they also gained a fresh start to a healthier life.

 Twelve weeks ago 30 kids set out to defeat the battle of the bulge. For many, a brisk walk and simple exercise were major tasks. Several weeks later, the group has lost a total of 101 pounds.

    A fitness team, including Patrick House, winner of season ten of the "Biggest Loser," helped the kids along the way. "To see how far they've come in twelve weeks it's amazing and its testament to the dedication of the kids and also the parents that they've completed the program and done such a great job," says House.

     While she's excited about shedding pounds, participant Autumn Tatum says she's also excited and a bit emotional about what she's gained. "I have more confidence in myself and I don't always think that somebody's talking about me," says Tatum.

     On the girl's side, four young ladies tied winning the award for the most weight loss of twenty pounds each. MaryRussell Perry, who we talked to back in June is one of those winners. "It feels great, like it just felt like I've been lifted it felt awesome," says Perry.

    For the guys, Joey Flaherty is one of two participants who lost ten pounds each over the summer. Flaherty says" "I've learned what to eat and what not to eat and how to actually stay correct on portions."

   Flaherty's mom, Liz Bang says, "Joey expressed an interest in this, he was unhappy with himself at first, this came along and has just been phenomenal."

   In addition to everything they've learned, "The Youngest Losers" say believing in yourself is key. Perry says, "If you don't think you can lose weight then you just don't believe in yourself and you need too because you can."

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