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Legislation aims to create council for child homelessness

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When the legislature convenes in January one piece of legislation already on the table will be a bill to create an interagency council on homelessness for the state.

The Campaign to End Child Homelessness was part of the house of representatives committee meeting on Public Health and Human Services. Advocates say state agencies need an organized effort to help the more than 12,000 homeless children across the state each year. That includes those living with other families, in foster care or shelter agencies.

A similar measure failed during the last session, but because the new bill won't be asking for money, supporters say passage should be easier.

"There's a lot of agencies who are already receiving these funds so we don't need new money. The money is there, we need them to talk to one another," said campaign director Tuwanna Williams.

"It's another one of those many problems that this state suffers from and we never run out of those challenges, but I think the legislature plays a role in at least providing the coordination and I think that's all these people that are advocating are asking for," said state representative Stephen Holland and committee chairman who will be sponsoring the bill.

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