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Investigation into excessive force by Canton police

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A Canton mother called 3 On Your Side claiming her son was abused by police and she wants answers. But Canton Police Chief Vicki McNeill tells us the 16-year-old was arrested for assaulting a police officer during a large gathering Friday night. An investigation is underway.

Demetria Smith showed us a cell phone photo of her 16-year-old. She says the right side of his face is swollen and scratched after police shoved him up against a wall at this Canton grocery store Friday night. "They handled my boy wrong for nothing. My son ain't did nothing."

In tears about the incident, she says her son did nothing and remains locked away in juvenile detention in Yazoo City and missing school. Smith says she went to the store and saw the surveillance video.

"I see these police punch him in the back with his finger then he grabbed his arm and threw him against the door and I don't feel like that's right, my son ain't did nothing and they wrong for that and I want some answers."

The owner, Brooklyn Mart, told us Monday police were called after more than 100 teenagers converged on the store Friday night after a party down the street at the Elks nightclub.

Canton's police chief says the teenager was taken down after an incident at the store but he was not beaten or abused by a Canton police officer.

"No serious injuries. There were some scratches that's been reported to me but I'll be going later to see those in person to the detention center," said Chief McNeill. (Marsha) "So he was thrown to the ground and then charged?" "Yes."

The chief has talked with the parents, police officers at the scene and went to the detention center to visit the youngster Monday. She says there is video surveillance of the incident taken by cameras outside the store and that it supports evidence the police were just doing their job.

Chief McNeill would not tell us if the unidentified officer is facing disciplinary action. The  investigation is ongoing.

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