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Students allowed to use cellphones in class

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Warren Strain

Technology is becoming more intertwined in our daily lives. One Madison County school is breaking new ground with a unique policy allowing students to carry cellular telephones and electronic equipment. 

Rosa Scott School in Madison is the one of the few schools in Mississippi that have instituted the pilot policy. 

The new policy began earlier this month and was the culmination of months of discussions among school administrators, faculty and the parent-teacher board. School officials say the trial policy is an attempt to continue to make education relevant and responsive. Technology is being introduced to students almost as soon as they begin elementary school. 

They're going down as far as second and third grade and having students click and drag items. It's just a part of our world. So we got a committee together and said how, is this something we can try and so we're trying," said principal Sean Brewer. 

Students are able to take advantage of applications designed to organize assignment calendars, foreign language translation, calculators and electronic textbooks. 

"You can use it for many different things. I think technology is something we need to incorporate into everything we do, especially since we have it these days," said Elizabeth Liu, a Rosa Scott student.

"I've used my cell phone in Latin class before as a translator and it was really helpful. We have also used our cell phones in Biology class recently to look up images of different types of molecules. We've used them once or twice in English class and several other classes as well," said Avery Johnson.

School officials say there are drawbacks but that the positives out- weigh the negatives. They add, the reality is that technology exists. Some students carry their electronic devices anyway, so why not channel that in a productive direction. 

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