Record gator harvested in Warren County - - Jackson, MS

Record gator harvested in Warren County

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A record-setting alligator was captured during the first weekend of the 2011 legal harvest season. The massive gator weighed over 690 pounds and measured 12-feet 7-inches. That's four tenths of an inch longer than a 2011 Toyota Yaris compact car.

The big gator was harvested from a lake at the Belle Island Hunting Club, near Eagle Lake, in Warren County. It was caught by permit holder Brian Jackson and three of his friends.

Jody Fortenberry of Brandon, a Medical Technologist at University Medical Center, told us about the wild fight the gator put after they first snagged it.

"About three hours after we snagged him, we just hung on for that whole three hours" said Fortenberry. "We were being pulled through weeds, lily pads, trees, we thought we were going to lose him about three or four times."

This year the season started on Friday at noon and ran until 6 AM Saturday. Then from noon Saturday to 6 AM Sunday.

Ricky Flynt, alligator program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks was very pleased with how the latest season went.

"We also have a new record on weight" said Flynt. "The alligator was taken on private land, in Warren County. This alligator weighed 690 and one half pounds. As of right now we have 35 alligators that have been checked in at our on line harvest reporting program."

Alligators will be hunted again next weekend on the Pearl and along the Pascagoula River, as well as on private property.

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