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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Clinton sinkholes and flooding

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With rain in the forecast, some Clinton residents are nervous. There's good reason for that since their property is eroding and homes have been flooded more than once because of poor drainage. The problem areas are on Pebble Lane in the Trailwood subdivision and Cowles Creek Road in the Bruenberg subdivision.

Frustrated homeowners called 3 On Your Side because they say they are not getting any help.

"This was someone's yard just a few weeks ago," said Sharee Carlock.

Christie Bath's mother's yard to be precise.

Bath said, "We've got small children that are here all the time and it's just a liability for them to come out and play."

Sharee Carlock fears for her own Pebble Lane property just across the street. Sinkholes have developed along the line of where culverts are buried in the Trailwood subdivision.

Carlock said, "It's starting to cause our house to flood. Eventually, it's going to collapse the city street."

Jean Nall said,"This is the third time really."

A few miles away in the Bruenberg subdivision, flooding is also a problem for at least three houses on Cowles Creek Road. One of them has belonged to Jean Nall for 12 years now. She pointed out the water line showing just how high the water rose into her home when Tropical Storm Lee came to town.

Asked what response she was getting from the developer or the city, Nall said, "Not any. My alderman did come by to see how I was doing."

So, I checked with Clinton Mayor Rosemary Aultman to find out why these problems aren't being addressed. On the Trailwood sinkholes, Mayor Aultman said it's an easement issue.

The mayor said, "While it is, indeed, sort of a formidable looking situation, that it is the responsibility of the property owners. The attorney general's made that very clear to us, and to other cities, that we can't do work on property where we don't have easements."

As for the Bruenberg situation, Mayor Aultman said the city required the developer, Mark Jordan, to dig a diversion ditch when the subdivision was still under construction.

Aultman said, "The problem that we have now is that the homeowners association has not maintained that channel all the way through and we have stacks of documentation where we have asked them and told them that it is their responsibility to maintain all the ditch at least annually."

Mayor Aultman did say she has met with a hydrologist and she is also checking to see if there are federal funds available to the homeowners in the Bruenberg subdivision, for repairs like home elevation or if worse comes to worse, home removal.

As for the folks in the Trailwood subdivision, Aultman said she would have a city worker check out Pebble Lane to see if, indeed, the street is caving in, a situation the city would take care of.

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