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Sound Off: Justice Will Be Done

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The video of Daryl Dedmon running over and killing James Craig Anderson has been shown countless times on media all over the world. This depraved and senseless act has brought national attention to Jackson.

Groups from all over the country were quick to show up to condemn those involved. I have no problem in condemning those involved. I do have a problem with outside groups coming in assuming that justice won't be done.

The crime happened in Hinds County where the District Attorney is an African American and in the City of Jackson where the mayor and majority of the city council are African Americans. District Attorney Robert Schuler Smith has even brought in the FBI to help make sure the case is prosecuted fairly. This is not a case of an all white judicial system where justice was impossible for African Americans.

Who will be charged with what, will be determined by the evidence presented to a Hinds County Grand Jury by the District Attorney's office. I resent those who come to Jackson seeking publicity and trying profit off this tragic situation.

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