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Training for Mississippi's fire responders

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They're the ones who get called out when flames threaten life and property and their training is crucial from the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

"We're protecting the state's forests from wildfires and they will be better trained to do their job in a safe and efficient manner," said Southern Region Training Officer Ed Brown.

With recent wildfires raging in Texas and smaller ones across the country, Brown says this group of firefighters and suppressers are Mississippi's first line of defense should a fire burn out of control. They could also be called to help battle the flames in neighboring states.

"We want to make sure the state and our firefighters are well prepared for the challenge of wildland fire when it does occur," said Brown.

For Antonio Brooks of Lexington, he's been on the job now for seven months and doesn't want to be anywhere else.

"I love it. I love every aspect of it," said Brooks.

Brooks says the training is more than just educational, it's life saving, not only for himself, but for those in harms way when fires break out.

"It always goes back to helping others. I'm always willing to help and always willing to learn," said Brooks.

This is just the beginning, next will come field experience and then even more training throughout their career. It's training Brown says will pay off.

"Hopefully they'll take away to just become a good, professional wildland firefighter and do their job in a safe and effective manner. Their hardest challenge is when they get called to go suppress a wildfire," said Brown. 

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